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  1. Asiana Bistro & Restaurant – a fine East Asia food and drink corner in the middle of Da Nang

Located in Danang Food Center, Asiana Bistro & Restaurant is the first restaurant in Da Nang to combine harmoniously and uniquely domestic materials and international materials in order to create characteristic food of three famous East Asia food and drink cultures: Vietnam – Japan – Thailand in a new and polite space.

When we come across Tran Hung Dao street, we don’t know why we stop to look at a building at No. 30A – Asian Bistro & Restaurant. Furthermore, we don’t understand what is attractive to us in this restaurant. A new but familiar, luxurious, elegant but romantic and cozy feeling encompasses us.

The first impression for anyone who step s into Asiana Bistro & Restaurant is an open, beautiful and elegant space shown in furniture, layout and sparkling ceiling lights. A well-rounded harmonious layout art makes us feel that only a small movement can break its elegancy. Seemingly, it is the feeling mixture in design concept to create a splendid, cool, luxurious, cozy but modern and youthful space.

This restaurant is located in bustling and hustling Tran Hung Dao street, right at the end of Dragon Bridge. Coming to this restaurant, you will have chance to see the romantic beauty of Han River all days and nights. The scenery will be much better if you drop at the city at night. You can enjoy wine made by famous trademarks while listening to gentle music, looking at the street, sparking ships drifting peacefully. You can also watch the Dragon Bridge spray fire, spray water or watch the Love Bridge, the Dragon Carp Statue in clearest view angles. Da Nang possesses a wide range of luxurious and popular restaurants with different styles. However, it is true to say that when it comes to Asiana Bistro, we feel as if we were enjoying food at a restaurant in Europe with professional and standardized quality and service style. Menu at Asiana Bistro is the fine combination between traditional and modern dishes of Vietnam, Thailand and Japan in a familiar, fresh and attractive Asian – European style. All dishes are prepared and presented quite meticulously and carefully by experienced chefs, which brings about fineness and uniqueness of food and drink tastes of each country. Such talents are professional not only in preparation but also in presentation and service, which surely provides you with the perfect food and drink experiences. Many tourists, especially Japanese and Thai tourists highly appreciated food and drink at this restaurant once they are present here because they are so surprised to enjoy their traditional food properly in another country.

Guests will have chance to experience the finest typical sushi or Norwegian tuna sashimi, Ocean tuna of Japanese food and drink culture. Tiny sushi is prepared under very strict standards in order to bring about harmony and satisfaction for taste and sight. Each fresh and sweet slice of fish and seafood embraces delicious white rice piece, complete with sour taste and mustard, which makes you feel as if the whole heaven was lying in your mouth.

If you are still unfamiliar with Japanese food and drink culture, you should try sour and bitter taste of Thailand or typical food of Northern – Central – Southern Vietnam, delicious and diversified seafood of Vietnam. Apart from sophisticated preparation, all materials and spices of the restaurant are imported, stored and processed under a closed process in order to keep delicacy and absolute safety. Preparation and combination of materials are done only when requested by guests in order to retain purity of the food.

Moreover, when coming to Asiana Bistro & Restaurant, no matter where you sit, you can see the kitchen, the bar and the open swimming pool.

It is quite wonderful to sit relaxingly in the restaurant while seeing chefs preparing hot food combined with skilled Teppanyaki cook performance. You will feel as if you were living in an art party with your satisfied taste and sight. Many of us ever thought that luxurious restaurants with food and drink quintessence of many countries in the world would be very expensive. However, at Asiana Bistro & Restaurant, you will find more “friendly” price with servings that are more “abundant”.

In particular, Asiana Bistro & Restaurant always reserves discounts of 200,000 VND and 400,000 VND for bills worth at 600,000 VND and 1,200,000 VND, respectively. With the motto “Caring customers is caring ourselves”, you will always feel assured and satisfied with the professional, dedicated, graceful and friendly service from employees. This makes customers feel as if this was their own peaceful and cozy world.

Accommodating up to 500 customer, this restaurant is an ideal place for conferences, parties, meetings or tea parties with tourists from all corners in the world dropping in Da Nang City. At this restaurant, there are private and luxurious VIP rooms so that you can enjoy your private space with your family, invited guests or beloved persons. Besides, the restaurant always organizes various parties in order to bring about unforgettable impressions to customers.

Coming to Asiana Bistro & Restaurant, many customers say that they have had chance to experience various feelings. “Love at the first sight” refers to familiar and cozy space. “Love at the first try” refers to diversified food typical of many countries. Therefore, in spite of being newly opened and under completion, Asiana Bistro & Restaurant always wins the heart from tourists and people in Da Nang.

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